Sunday, January 20, 2008

Artists' Workshops inspire Shreveport writers

Saturday, January 19, the Trapped Truth Society event committee sponsored two free, half-day workshops for artists. Here, moderator Neil Ellis Orts of Houston, is seen, second from left, with participants, from left, Teresa Mormino, Liz Chrysler, and Jim McLain.

After the morning session, many of the participants braved the winter chill to walk two and a half blocks from Shreve Memorial Library to Blind Tiger for wonderful hot food and conversation. Michael Parker of West Edge Books, seen at right with Teresa Mormino and Neil Orts, dropped in to visit.

Susan Caldwell and Marlon Hite, below left, were among the writers who produced interesting, short first draft writing in the stimulating writers' gathering and in response to the moderator's prompts.

At breaks in the mornings activities, the writers produced several "exquisite corpses," a surrealist party game.
Joanna Ballard, in hat, and her mother Martha both participated.

Pam Viviano reads another "exquisite corpse" at left.

A highlight of the afternoon session was analyzing photo collections brought in by participants for clues to individual creative style and preference. Neil encouraged the artists to be aware of this personal focus and to use it as a tool when writing or creating other art. Among other things, an artist might break a deadlock in a creative project by focusing on the personal style more closely, or, conversely, by consciously working against the usual style. Another afternoon activity dealt with stage presence for performers. The session ended with a playful group activity combining visual art, writing and performance.

Trapped Truth Society event committee, including Laura Flett and Pam Raintree, left to right, is pleased to report participants in the workshops donated LOTS of washcloths, several bath towels and tote bags, a blanket and $30 for Hope House outreach to Shreveport's homeless population. The money and items were delivered to Centerpoint Services, the umbrella agency over Hope House, on January 22nd. Forgot the camera and the cell phone didn't deal well with the backlighting, but here is Becky Haigler, left, of the Trapped Truth Society event committee, with Shirley Holder and director Terry Brock of Centerpoint/Hope House with some of the donated tote bags. Thanks, Shreveport artists!

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